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A Noble Nature

Fans of Achilles, Hector & the Heroes of the Iliad
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Heaven preserve me from the vindictive feelings you cherish, warping a noble nature to ignoble ends.
-Patroclus to Achilles, The Iliad.


She came to meet her bronze-clad husband with a maid carrying a little boy in her arms, their baby son and Hector's darling, lovely as a star, whom Hector called Scamandrius, but the rest 'Astyanax', because his father was the one defence of Ilium. Hector looked at his son and smiled, but said nothing. Andromache, bursting into tears, went up to him and put her hand in his. 'Hector,' she said, 'you are possessed. This bravery of yours will be your end.'
- The Iliad

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